Joint law office
"Racić-Vitomirović-Mrkić" Subotica

Joint law office

emerged as a joint venture with a goal to integrate pre-existing knowledge, resources and experience in order to meet the standards of modern European advocacy.

The office was established on the basis and as an adherent of former law offices from Subotica, whose practices date back as far as 1982; only to further improve the organizational and business framework of these firms to a higher level through years of successful business-doing, and to gain its current organizational form in 2016.

The structure of the Office`s staff reflects an efficient blend of knowledge, experience and youth, which guarantees the best possible results.

The Office`s business philosophy is based on dedicated work and respect for the vocation of advocacy, our clients and their interests.

Practice areas

– Corporate law
– Litigations and settlements
– Obligation law
– Criminal law
– Labor law
– Tax law
– Contracts
– Contracts with foreign elements
– Intellectual property law
– Public procurements
– Banking law

The Team

Attorney at Law partners

Attorney at Law

Trainee Lawyer

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